Martin Stratton

We are delighted to have Martin Stratton, RHAD, BAAT, NZAS (Audiometrist) from Total Hearing Care Waikato joining us in store on Tuesdays to provide our customers with free hearing examinations and advice on hearing aids. 

Initially Martin will be in-store weeklyon the following Tuesdays:

2nd June

9th June

16th June

23rd June


Martin is in weekly on Tuesdays .

His services provided in our store are FREE hearing checks for customers.

We will also be stocking his recommended hearing aids in store.

About Martin

Martin Stratton

Martin is an NZAS registered Audiometrist, a UK Private Hearing Aid Audiologist, UK NHS senior Audiologist MTO.

Martin has worked in Audiology for 30 years, in busy Manchester Hospital ENT, private practice in Harley Street London, and for big hearing companies in New Zealand. 

For more specialist hearing needs, there is Martin's clinic, Total Hearing Care Waikato:

"I am so proud to create Total Hearing Care Waikato. The Customer is at the heart of all we do. We offer wide choice. We have an absolute price match promise. We are an independently owned family business, not owned or part owned by any  manufacturer brand of hearing aid. We are trying to run a local, affordable service , in this crucial area of hearing."

Any questions, just give us a call on (07) 889 8160